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Preface Power Chords
Parts of the Guitar Root 6 Barre Chords
Holding the Guitar Root 5 Barre Chords
Tuning the Guitar Chord Progressions II
Standard Notation Pentatonic Minor Scale
Tablature Pentatonic Major Scale
Warm-ups and Exercises Chord Substitution
Basic Open Chords Improvising
Strumming Chord Chart
Chord Progressions I Glossary
Bass Note Picking Other EBooks and Software

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Give your guitar lessons a boost! Learn to Play Guitar v3.0 takes a new player on a tour of the instrument and uses tablature as well as standard notation to introduce the strings, tuning, exercises, basic open chords, scales, strumming, chord progressions, additional chords, substitutions, notes on improvising, how chords and scales work together in progressions plus much more. This easy to understand ebook is great by itself or as a suppliment to guitar lessons. It also comes with a free trial version of Guitar Calculator Pro to help with your studies. Best of all, the Learn to Play Guitar ebook is FREE!

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